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Probit Research was founded in 1984

As a combined software and analysis company, we have clients in 34 countries for both our operations. We have conducted well over 600 conjoint studies and 2000 STM studies.

This includes work for Lloyds, HSBC & HBOS. In FMCG we have specialised in breakfast cereals, confectionery & drink. Technology clients include BT, Nokia and a number of cellular phone service providers.

Our modus operandi is to support companies directly, in conjunction with clients who are expert in their field, but who do not have internal access to the most specialist statistical models. Our hypothesis is that the end user gets the best of both worlds - an agency dedicated to solving their problems and building a relationship, and a modelling agency who specialises only in what they do well. There is no need to compromise the quality of interpretation for the sake of specialist modelling.

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